1. What is the engagement between PAPL and driver?

-        PAPL provides the Rydo ride-hailing platform on SaaS model to the Autorickshaw driver to enable him to obtain rides using technology. PAPL is the vendor to the auto driver for this purpose.  


B. What are the conditions of engagement?

-        The driver avail the services of the platform by accepting to comply with the terms and conditions. For the services so rendered, the driver shall pay a fixed monthly subscription.


C. What is PAPL revenue model?

-        PAPL earns its revenue from the subscription it charges the driver


D. What is the value addition done by PAPL?

-        PAPL provides the tech platform for ride hailing by managing the backend and data.


E. What if I do not get any rides allocated? How do you ensure that I can get rides?

-        It is advised that you understand the working of the platform, keep your application on at all times and be present in an area where there are rides required.

-        It will be in your interest to on-board as many passengers in the platform as possible to ensure sufficient demand. Hence it is suggested that you actively promote the platform and do all your rides through the platform.


F. How do I get the ride revenue?

-        The passenger pays you directly. We encourage you to have a UPI QR code, which the passenger can scan and pay.


H. What is the penalty for not accepting rides?

-        You are expected to accept atleast 75% of  the rides. In case lesser rides are accepted, you may be blacklisted and your subscription may not be renewed. 


I.  What is the penalty for cancellation/no-show by the driver after accepting?

-        A penalty of Rs. 100 will be applied to the driver for every no-show. Rs. 50 of this shall be credited to the passenger as promo code.

-        The driver’s subscription shall be put on hold immediately till he pays the penalty.


J. What is the remedy for no-show by the passenger after booking and starting the trip?

-        A penalty of Rs. 100 will be applied on the passenger, recoverable on the next ride. Rs. 50/- from this shall be passed on to the driver when the passenger pays.



A. What is the engagement between PAPL and passengers?

-        Passengers engage with the auto driver that accepts the ride. Rydo platform is a real-time classifieds service which only supplies information on Auto availability to the passengers at the time of hailing. It does transact with the passenger. 


B. What is the fare and to whom should I make payment?

-        Applicable government stipulated auto fares shall be charged.

-        A convenience fee of Rs. 20/- per ride. This goes to the driver as they would be doing a dry run till they reach your place.

-        Payment to be made to the driver who provides the ride service.

-        Rydo does not charge any amount to the passenger.


C. How do I make payment?

-        You can pay in cash or any mode acceptable to the driver. We generally suggest that drivers accept payment thru UPI.


D. What about reliability/guarantee of rides? How do you ensure that the driver is interested in the ride?

-        This is the drivers’ business. We are only providing the technology for them to do their business. We on-board drivers who are serious about the business and you are actualy paying them. Hence they are morel likely to be interested in reasonable rides.


E. What is the remedy for no-show by the driver after accepting?

-        We shall allocate another driver for the ride


F. What is the penalty for cancellation/no-show by the passenger after booking?

-        A penalty of Rs. 100/- shall be charged to the passenger, which shall be collected in the next ride.

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